10 good reasons to choose Anchor Profi
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Independent anchor design software Anchor Profi makes it possible to design, compare and select heavy duty anchors from all major European manufacturers to meet certain anchorage conditions. The software has been independently tested and verified by an institute in Germany. Save time for you Using Anchor Profi, you only need to install and manage a single anchor design software. This will save you unnecessary administration costs and repeated integration of proprietary software programs that may have very different user interfaces. Easy to use The self-explanatory user interface of Anchor Profi can be easily mastered without any prior user experience. Anchoring design data are clearly displayed on the user interface to avoid lengthy search of the desired functions. Highly flexible Using Anchor Profi, an arbitrary layout of anchors and slotted holes can be flexibly combined with any base plate geometry. This makes it possible for you to achieve far, far more complex designs other than just some general standard ones. Professional tools The definition and inputting of the anchoring structure can be carried out interactively by convenient 3D model preparation. For designing base anchor plate geometry and anchor layout, professional tools with 2D editing are also available. Advantages through perfect details The anchor-bearing capacity in all failure modes is individually checked for each anchor.  This allows the precise identification of the critical anchor in the designed anchorage. Optimized base plate thickness calculation A special design module for the base plate thickness calculation is integrated into the software. Thus, base plate thicknesses can be calculated within seconds. Design report that satisfies your needs Anchor Profi offers four forms of design reports for you to choose from. A cross-vendor anchor comparison list as well as a summary, overview or detailed report may be printed depending on the planning stages. Simple feasibility check In addition to the anchoring structure, the anchor shear forces and related participation area at pry-out failure are graphically displayed in the design. This gives you a quick overview of the design results. Try before you buy You can try Anchor Profi with our free demo version and buy it only if you are satisfied with it.
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