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10.2018: Anchor Profi 3.2.3 available New: anchor fatigue design You can find detailed information in update history.  07.2018: Anchor Profi 3.2.2 available New: load combination Flyer about elastic und rigid base plate 11.2017: Anchor Profi 3.2.0 available 05.2017: Anchor Profi 3.1.0 available New: Design method ACI 318-14 Flyer about Software Anchor Profi 01.2017: Anchor Profi 3.0.2 available 11.2016: Anchor Profi 3.0.0 available New: Design of headed stud according to CEN/TS1992-4-2 04.2016: Anchor Profi  2.5.0 available New: Required thickness for rigid base plate 12.2015: Anchor Profi  2.4.9 available New: Elastic base plate 06.2015: Anchor Profi  2.4.8 available 01.2015: Anchor Profi  2.4.7 available 01.2015: Newspaper Badische Neueste Nachrichten 08.01.2015 11.2014: Anchor Profi  2.4.6 available  09.2014: Press release “Beton und Stahlbetonbau 06.2014: Press release “Structural ConcreteJournal of the fib 06.2014: Press release in Baulinks “Neutrale Dübelbemessungs software von der Dr. Li Anchor Profi GmbH
Presentations and Publications: Design of Anchor Fastenings with Elastic Base Plates Subjected to Tension and Bending, proceedings of DAfStb Symposium 2017 Kaiserslautern Required Thickness of Flexurally Rigid Baseplate for Anchor Fastenings, proceedings of fib Symposium 2017 Maastricht Design of Anchor Fastenings and Baseplates subjected to Tension and Bending, fib T2.9 Stuttgart November 2017 Design of multiple anchor fastenings with elastic base plate according to future EC2 part 4, fib T2.9 Washington April 2015 General method for calculating the anchor tension loads on a base plate, fib T2.9 Paris September 2014 Design of general anchor groups on an edge of concrete member subjected to shear load and torsional moment, fib SAG 4, Helsinki May 2013 Calculation of anchor forces in multiple-anchor fastenings and the required stiffness of base plate, fib SAG4, Kyoto May 2012
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Anchor Profi 3.2.3 with anchor fatigue design