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Cross-vendor anchor design software Anchor Profi  We provide the third-party anchor design software Anchor Profi. With Anchor Profi you can design, compare and select the heavy duty anchors and  headed studs of 24 different manufacturers around the world independently. The anchor design software can design multiple anchor fastenings with any  anchor layout and any base plate geometry. With the unique elastic base plate model and the stiffness condition to check the rigid base plate assumption,  the possible vulnerability in the anchor design from the rigid base plate assumption without validating its stiffness can be avoided.   The anchor design is based on ETAG 001 Annex C, EOTA TR029, EOTA TR061, EOTA TR045, CEN/TS 1992-4-2, Eurocode 2 Part 4 (EN 1992-4), USA  ACI 318, Australian AS 5216 and Canadian CSA A23.3. More than 300 European ETAs and American ESRs are integrated in the anchor software  currently. This ensures that complex anchoring projects under static, seismic and fatigue loading can be effectively processed according to the European  and American safety and design concepts.  Find more information about Anchor Profi here. 
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